Not Political Correctness But What the Bible Says (W/ Ken Mbugua)

by | Feb 6, 2019

“But do not gloat over the day of your brother in the day of his misfortune; do not rejoice over the people of Judah in the day of their ruin; do not boast in the day of distress.”

Obadiah 12

Episode Overview:

Join Isaac as he heads to Kenya to talk with Pastor Ken Mbugua about tribalism and its hidden faults. Kenya, along with some of its churches, has wonderful diversity as there are 42 tribes there. And every five years Kenyan pastors of mult-ethnic churches are reminded of their diversity. Why?

Because every five years there is an election.

Mbugua discusses the animosity between tribes such as the Luo and Kikuyu, and how confrontations and conflicts occurred over accusations of rigged elections and police brutality. “Kenya descended into an intense time,” Mbugua said, reflecting on the 2017 Presidential Election.

One tribe felt disenfranchised. Another felt confused and perhaps callous. And Mbugua discusses how he led his church through this difficult time. He explained why, “You need to do a better job convincing me of your plight,” is anything but a helpful response.

Mbugua goes on to talk about Western missionaries and how, though the Lord has used them, some have unwittingly done great harm. Nonetheless, Mbugua takes hope because “the Lord sometimes does a lot of good through us but often despite us.”


Links & Show Notes:

3:45 — The Challenges of Ethnic Diversity
9:22 — “No one is tribalistic in Kenya”
14:20 — Kenyan Presidential Election
20:53 — Strength & Weakness in Addressing the Church
31:24 — Reflections on the State of Race in America
37:00 — Missionaries & Race
45:00 — Prayer

1. Meet Ken Mbugua


  • “The allegiance needs to be not political correctness but rather standing with what the Bible says.” –Ken Mbugua
  • “Every five years we’re reminded how diverse our church is because every five years we have an election” — Ken Mbugua
  • “Are there challenges in your church when sinners of different ethnicities come into contact with one another?”
  • “We wanted our eldership to be as diverse as the congregation.” — Ken Mbugua
  • “Evidence that made me see that I might be more tribalistic than I want to acknowledge is how I vote. The tribe you’re from in many ways indicate seemed to at least indicate who you didn’t vote for.” — Ken Mbugua
  • One Tribe: “The police are just doing their job.”
  • Another Tribe: “The police are abusing their power.”
  • Come hear from an African pastor how he navigated a chaotic political election and its threat to divide his church.
  • “The value in a human being ultimately lies in the fact that they’re made in the image of God.”
  • “There’s one kind of white American that’s defensive—’I’m not a racist.’ And there’s another that over-compensates, confessing things they don’t even understand. Neither help the conversation.”
  • “Our blindnesses are so deep, our sins are so hidden when we talk about race and tribalism.”
  • “Lord, we look to you to grant to us as your church for everything we need to be what you have already made us—which is one in Christ.”
  • “Lord, give us a love that doesn’t keep a record of wrongs or election votes, and give us a love that is willing to stand up for what’s right.”

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