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MLK DAY SPECIAL BE PATIENT WITH THEM ALL (PART 2)Black history is often misunderstood or poorly taught in a number of ways. Sometimes it is ignored. Sometimes it is taught through the narrow lens of oppression in a way that minimizes the faith, work, and perseverance of black saints through the ages. On the other extreme, sometimes the hard facts of history are ignored or treated as relics of the past. This kit is by no means exhaustive, but we hope to highlight the contributions of black saints to the broader people of God in the face of mistreatment and oppression.



Black History Keeps Our Eyes Open
Rayshawn Graves reflects on the role of black history in providing us with better perspective all year.

Black History Month is an Opportunity
Austin Suter offers some encouragement and recommended resources for Black History Month.

Slavery And The Bible: Happy Juneteenth
Kam Pugh gives us some brief history and theology behind slavery, Juneteenth, and the coming kingdom.

Loving Day
A brief explainer about why we celebrate Loving Day.

Bloody Sunday: An Exhortation For Bridge-Builders
Isaac Adams encourages weary bridge-builders by remembering Bloody Sunday and reminding us of the unity Jesus bought for his people.

Meet The Black Church: Charles Albert Tindley
John Talley III provides a new installment in our Meet the Black Church series. This time, it’s Charles Tindley.

Meet The Black Church: Tom Skinner
Pastor Rechab Gray introduces readers to Tom Skinner, preacher and revolutionary of the Civil Rights Movement.

Meet The Black Church: Lulu Fleming
John Talley III introduces us to Lulu Fleming, a missionary and faithful servant of Jesus.

Meet The Black Church: Richard Allen
Isaac Adams introduces (or reacquaints) us with Richard Allen, a man of prayer and crucial figure in American church history.

Meet The Black Church: Absalom Jones
John Talley III spends some time reflecting on Absalom Jones, a key figure in American history who is not widely remembered.

In Memoriam: John Lewis
Dr. Kevin Smith remembers American hero, Rep. John Lewis.

Learning From The History of The African American Missionary Movement
Courtney Reissig shares what she has recently learned about the history of African American Missionaries and reflects on the implications for the broader church.

Understanding The Past As A Way To A United Future (Part 1)
Pastor Bobby Scott gives a brief overview of racism in the United States, showing how deep the problem goes.

Understanding The Past As A Way To A United Future (Part 2)
Pastor Bobby Scott concludes his reflection on American history by offering hopes and prayers for the future.

Book Response: The Warmth of Other Suns
Zach Schlegel responds to Isabel Wilkerson’s The Warmth of Other Suns and reflects on a history he should have known.

Resources To Remember: On The Anniversaries Of Martin Luther King Jr. & Walter Scott’s Killings
Isaac Adams provides some resources for thinking and praying as he remembers the lives of Walter Scott and Martin Luther King.



What Do You Do with Your Family for Black History Month?
Isaac and Trillia talk Black History Month and how they and their families are celebrating it.

Jasmine Holmes on Life, History, and Motherhood
Jasmine shares her wisdom on life, history, theology, interacting with those who disagree, and how she balances it all.

Black History Month: The Faith of the Enslaved
Jasmine Holmes talks about the faith of American slaves and the persecution they endured. We also discuss historical sources that can give us an idea of what slavery was like for the saints who lived through it. 

Black History Month: Francis Grimke
Francis was a pastor in Washington, DC in the early 1900s. He was a former slave who lived an extraordinary life. His work inspired Isaac to start this ministry, so we feel a special connection to his life and work.



Let us hold on to the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful.

Hebrews 10:23


  • United? We Pray

    United? We Pray is a ministry to help Christians pray and think about racial strife. We want to encourage Christians amid the strife to rely upon God in prayer. So our prayers can be informed, we strive to learn and write about race, racism and its effects, and theology. We aim to be biblical, beneficial, and clear in all our efforts. While we’re burdened for all racial strife, we focus on racial strife between Christians because of the unique privilege and stewardship God has given his people: to bear witness to Him and to love all people, especially one another (Gal. 6:10).

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Basics Kit

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Families Kit

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