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We have a heart for the local church. Much of what we write and talk about is intended for use in local churches, where individual Christians are trying to live out their gospel unity in a specific context with specific people. To that end, we have compiled some resources we hope will serve you in loving and praying for your fellow church members.


Before You Ask Your Black Friend About Race
Isaac Adams offers encouragement applicable to all majority/minority relationships.

Choosing Your Battles
Austin Suter inspires us to keep the long view in mind as we engage within the body of Christ.

Christ’s Body, Broken for Deniers of Racism
Alicia Akins reminds us that the table forces us to see our neighbors and our “opponents” in Christ as Christ sees them even as we wait for them to do the same.

The Beauty of the Church in Prayer
In a world where racial tensions are high and division is far too common, the Lord, in his kindness, gives us glimpses of how the gates of hell will not prevail against the church.

On Tone: Its Vast Underappreciation & the Racial Damage Which Results (Part 1)
Isaac Adams helps us understand you can easily say more than you mean to say on race and, in doing so, compoundingly hurt your neighbor rather than love them.

Charity Toward the Unfamiliar
Austin Suter encourages us to pray for God to give us a spirit of charity and love toward all our brothers and sisters.

Be Patient with Slow Growers, Late Bloomers, And Those Yet Unseeing
Alicia Akins reminds us that God’s mercy creates our faint beginnings and his patience guarantees our glorious ends.

We Need God’s People
Austin Suter calls us to the regular encouragement of God’s people and God’s word as we work against the injustices of the world around us.

The Gospel Compels Us to Talk About Race
Courtney Reissig points us to the finished work of Christ which tells us that sin is real, injustice is all around us, and there is a living power that can defeat all of it.

The Unique Witness of Unity in Diversity
Austin Suter encourages us that the unity we see in part now, we will see fully when the Lord brings us home.

Why I Can’t Quit the Race Conversation
Garrett Kell pleads with us to lay aside our biases, repent of our sins, and lock arms in the grace of Christ so that the world will clearly see that Jesus is the Son of God.

Two Ways to Avoid Slander
Austin Suter encourages us to have some humility and focus on how we can work out disagreements while still living at peace with all.



  • United? We Pray

    United? We Pray is a ministry to help Christians pray and think about racial strife. We want to encourage Christians amid the strife to rely upon God in prayer. So our prayers can be informed, we strive to learn and write about race, racism and its effects, and theology. We aim to be biblical, beneficial, and clear in all our efforts. While we’re burdened for all racial strife, we focus on racial strife between Christians because of the unique privilege and stewardship God has given his people: to bear witness to Him and to love all people, especially one another (Gal. 6:10).

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Basics Kit

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