• United? We Pray

    United? We Pray is a ministry to help Christians pray and think about racial strife. We want to encourage Christians amid the strife to rely upon God in prayer. So our prayers can be informed, we strive to learn and write about race, racism and its effects, and theology. We aim to be biblical, beneficial, and clear in all our efforts. While we’re burdened for all racial strife, we focus on racial strife between Christians because of the unique privilege and stewardship God has given his people: to bear witness to Him and to love all people, especially one another (Gal. 6:10).

Basics Kit

Our basics kit is designed to be an introduction to issues of race.   If you are considering issues of ethnic unity among God’s people for the fir... Read more.

Families Kit

We hope these resources help you love the people God has put in your life.   Issues of race are already complicated, but perhaps nowhere more so tha... Read more.


Austin and Isaac talk about what Christians can do in their everyday lives and job to build toward greater ethnic unity. Racism has affected many aspects of the... Read more.


Black history is often misunderstood or poorly taught in a number of ways. Sometimes it is ignored. Sometimes it is taught through the narrow lens of oppression... Read more.

CHURCH KIT We have a heart for the local church. Much of what we write and talk about is intended for use in local churches, where individua... Read more.


How long, Oh Lord? Racial tragedy comes with the familiar pit-in-the-stomach feeling of, “not again.” We hate that a kit like t... Read more.

The Stack

Episode Overview: Austin and Isaac discuss five books which have come out over the last two years, which we are calling, “The Stack.” These books work toge... Read more.