• United? We Pray

    United? We Pray is a ministry to help Christians pray and think about racial strife. We want to encourage Christians amid the strife to rely upon God in prayer. So our prayers can be informed, we strive to learn and write about race, racism and its effects, and theology. We aim to be biblical, beneficial, and clear in all our efforts. While we’re burdened for all racial strife, we focus on racial strife between Christians because of the unique privilege and stewardship God has given his people: to bear witness to Him and to love all people, especially one another (Gal. 6:10).

Hiring Diversity

Episode Overview:  Austin and Isaac discuss the good desire to hire people from diverse backgrounds and the challenges that can present.   Links &... Read more.

UWP Season 10 Teaser

Episode Overview:  We’re back! 10 Seasons running and we are grateful to God for what He is doing through this ministry. Austin and Isaac give some good new... Read more.

What is this ministry about?

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What is Racism?

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What is Race?

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Hope I Don’t Go Numb

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Blake Long on Avoiding Smugness

Episode Overview:  Author Blake Long joins Austin on the podcast to talk about his book, Gospel Smugness. Blake has a particular burden to influence Christia... Read more.

Diverse Churches

Episode Overview:  Austin and Isaac discuss diversity in local churches. What does it mean for a church to be multi-ethnic? How should churches think about di... Read more.