• Isaac Adams

    Isaac is a husband, father, author and the founder of U?WP. He is the lead pastor of Iron City Church in Birmingham, AL. @isickadams

A Barber

You’ve heard, and maybe asked, it before—the common ice-breaker: “If you could choose any career besides the one you already have, what would it be?” I ... Read more.

Prayer of Praise

This is a prayer of praise that Isaac gave while teaching recently on race. It demonstrates the heart we have for this ministry. We do this because we love and ... Read more.

Race and Our Joy

Isaac Adams encourages us to think about race & racism the way God does. God did not make us all the same, and He means this for our joy and His glory.... Read more.

Praying about Systemic Racism

We are about to post a series of articles about individual relationships and personal growth. Before we do that, we want to take a moment to discuss systemic ra... Read more.

United? We… Read!

Our first article! We plan to post two articles per week, and this introductory piece by Isaac Adams explains our heart and prayers behind this new facet of our... Read more.