Editor’s Pick: Top Ten Posts of 2021

by | Dec 31, 2021

In this final post of 2021, I’m compiling some of my top ten posts from this past year. I have excluded posts by staff and have listed these in no particular order with a brief explanation for why I chose each piece.

Hope you enjoy this year in review.


Why I Can’t Quit the Race Conversation

Garrett Kell, pastor of a diverse church in Northern Virginia, shares his heart behind why he participates in conversations which are often hard and frustrating. He is compelled to speak for the unity of God’s people and on behalf of those who are marginalized.

Bavinck on Race, Experience, and Theology

What does a 19th Century Dutch theologian have to say about race in America? Dr. James Eglinton reminds us that this great thinker had much to say about race in American society and had unique insights as a visitor from another country.

A Better Way Toward Racial Justice

It’s a lot easier to find someone who will tell you how not to pursue racial justice than it is to find someone who will suggest how to pursue it. That’s why I appreciated this post by Courtney Reissig. She appeals to Christians to get back to Scripture and pursue justice according to God’s standards.

Racism is not the Unpardonable Sin

Racism is evil. Jesus died for racists. Both of those statements are true, as Rayshawn Graves reminds us.

Christ’s Body, Broken for You

What Rayshawn’s article is in theory and theology, this article by Alicia Akins is in practice. She shares and reflects on an experience she had serving communion to a man who had recently made hurtful statements about race to her.

The Heart and Racial Justice

How do people change, for good or for bad? Nate Brooks and Danya Albright explore what Scripture says about the heart and its role in creating and destroying racism.

The Effects of Legal Segregation on Students Today

Ever hear someone object to conversations about race by claiming that racism is a thing of the past? Faith Cote shows how the legalized segregation of the last generation is still affecting students today.

Pastoral Leadership in an Unequal Zip Code

Pastor Matt McCullough shares his reflection on pastoring a city in which the sins of generations past are felt in the present. He challenges Christians not to accept the status quo. Matt wrote my favorite two sentences of 2021: “It is one thing to acknowledge, as Jesus put it, that we will always have the poor with us. It’s another thing entirely to accept that a specific racial minority must always be poor.”

Diversity is Costly

As I was running some year-end stats, I realized that this was our most-read piece of 2021. I didn’t expect that, but I can see why. This is an insightful article by pastor Jamie Dunlop about how we all want diversity in theory but can be surprised about how hard it can be in practice.

Choose to be Grateful

Pastor “Bible” Bobby Scott wrote this powerful reflection for Thanksgiving. I’ll end with this one reminding us that in all the pain and difficulties of life, Christians must still choose and work to be grateful.

I hope these pieces will encourage you to go before God and ask Him to do what only He can do. As we close this hard year, let’s pray that His will be done and that His people would be unified.

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