Editor’s Pick: Top Ten Posts of 2020

by | Dec 31, 2020

In this final post of the year, I’m compiling my Top Ten Posts of 2020. I have excluded posts by staff and have listed these in no particular order with a brief explanation for why I chose each piece.

Hope you enjoy this year in review.



A Kind Providence, A Long-Awaited Moment, In the Midst of a Pandemic and Nationwide Unrest

Let’s start on a high note. Dr. Ligon Duncan wrote this to recount the state of Mississippi’s decision to remove Confederate imagery from its state flag and the role Christians played in making it happen. Dr. Duncan does not pretend that this is all that needs to happen in the American South, but he does pause to thank God for this progress and the change it seems to represent.


Be Patient with Slow Growers, Late Bloomers, and Those Yet Unseeing

I love this one by Alicia Akins. If you are a frequent reader here at UWP, you likely care a lot about unity across racial lines. That passion can lead to frustration when other Christians don’t seem to share you’re commitment. Alicia reminds us all to be patient, given how patient the Lord is with each of us.


The Gospel Compels Us to Talk About Race

If you’re looking for an explanation for why we do what we do at UWP, read this piece by Courtney Reissig.


Word Study: Injustice

I really enjoyed our word study series. In this installment, pastor Rechab Gray hashed out the following biblical definition for an often used but seldom defined term: Injustice = unrighteousness + power.


How Can You Support Black Lives Matter or President Trump?

We tend to give ourselves a lot of room for nuance when we make political decisions. Trouble is, we don’t often afford our opponents the same charity. We assume the worst rather than the best. Michael Kelsey wrote this really helpful piece encouraging us all toward Christian love and charity.


When I Recognized Race: Nate Brooks

I love this post for its honesty. Nate Brooks very vulnerably shares an experience where he failed to believe an account of racism by a minority brother. He repents of that attitude and reminds us that love hopes and believes all things.


Take My Breath Away

We all reacted differently to the death of George Floyd. Pastor John Talley shares his reaction and offers some biblical reflection on one of the hardest events of the year.


John Lewis: On Bridges, Movements, and Sharecropping Sons

Karen Ellis reflected so helpfully for us on the life of John Lewis and encourages all of us to remember the power of prayer. Nothing worth pursuing happens without prayer.


Understanding the Past as a Way to a United Future (Part 1)

Anytime Bible Bobby writes for us, I’m happy. But happy isn’t quite how I’d describe this piece. Bobby Scott reflects on American history and the intentional ways racism was built into our society. Until we reckon with that history, we won’t agree on what needs to happen next.


When I Recognized Race: Danya Karina Albright

I’ll close with this one. This is the hardest thing to read that we’ve ever posted. Danya Albright recounts a physical attack she and her brother experienced because of their ethnicity. This one will make your stomach turn, but it is important to recognize that this kind of thing actually happens. And the hope that Danya closes with will make you cry.


I hope these pieces will encourage you to go before God and ask Him to do what only He can do. As we close this hard year, let’s pray that His will be done and that His people would be unified.

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