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by | May 29, 2019

Episode Overview:

In this episode, Isaac explains the break mid-season 3, forecasts a couple of sermons dropping on U?WP, and shares his poem of lament entitled: “Lord, I Cannot Fix this Brokenness.” Here are the lyrics:

Lord! I cannot fix this brokenness,
Within the world, a thorny mess,
Will war and sorrow win the day?
Why has your justice so delayed?

Lord! I cannot fix this brokenness,
Within our churches, we confess:
We divide o’er race and politics.
How can, in Christ, these walls exist?
Lord—forgive us for our lovelessness!

Lord! I cannot fix this brokenness,
Within my family, black our dress,
Funerals have become our name,
Our unity as Abel and Cain’s.

Lord! I cannot fix this brokenness,
Within my self—lures temptation,
Enticing me from my first love,
To sin beneath, not heav’n above.

Lord! I cannot fix this brokenness,
Of a crooked generation:
Deceiving and being deceived,
Puffed with pride, blind with unbelief

Lord! I cannot fix this brokenness,
Can you see my wretched countenance?
“Where is your God?” people exclaim;
I come, O Lord, asking the same.

Lord! I cannot fix this brokenness,
I’ve forgotten all your promises.
How can I look to you and pray,
When day is night and night is day?

Lord! I cannot fix this brokenness,
I’ve tried the horse and chariot,
My hands too weak, they lend no rest;
If their work be all—all is hopeless.

Yet this my hope You bring to mind:
Your thoughts and ways stand over mine;
What’s meant for ill, You work for good,
As when your Son hung on the wood.

So, how long, O Lord? We still but ask,
But now we pray in dust and ash,
We’ll trust your Word; we’ll watch and wait,
And fresh courage our hearts will take.

Yes, we’ll trust you for our bread today,
And find our strength in Jesus’ grace.

Yes, this my hope You bring to mind:
Your thoughts and ways tow’r over mine;
You’re doing more than I can see,
My now is not my eternity.

O, Lord! I cannot fix this brokenness,
But one offering I know You’ve blessed,
I slowly leave it on the altar now,
Lament it is, and in lament I bow.


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